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We wanted to create a workspace that moves beyond the barriers of a traditional office, and reflects our style. Plus Finance helped us to maximise our project and even leasing giant palm tree was possible!
Nick Steiert, Director

Invasion Corp Ltd

Location: Manchester
Value: 140k

The Invasion brand was founded in 2008 with the purpose of organising amazing and unforgettable experiences. It grew very quickly, becoming a global organisation with a presence in every major continent around the world with sectors ranging from travel, recruitment, promotions, holidays and charity.They offer incredible opportunities including internships, volunteering work and jobs all over the world targeting post graduates and students.

When you enter Invasions new offices, you feel like you are on holiday already. The gap year specialist with its team, purchased an empty warehouse and transformed it into one of Manchester’s coolest, most vibrant, and fun offices. The project included a jungle themed lecture place, seaside deck chairs, artificial grass, hanging plants and a 6-metre palm tree surrounded by a giant Shrek and Darth Maul. To lighten the mood of one of those long afternoon meetings, they have fitted disco lights in the boardroom to give it an 80’s nightclub feel with a shiny disco bulb hanging in the middle. The design incorporates a variety of working environments into a single space from concentration and open work pods, to a large communal area where table football, a locally stocked bar and DJ deck takes its place. For the less vigorous there is also a treehouse to chill out in or take a lunch break.

Invasion was introduced to us by one of our interior design partners, who recognised leasing would offer their client an alternative finance option they hadn’t previously considered. Plus Finance worked with Invasion to transform their space and effectively inspire their staff.

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